How to Use NLP Suggestion in Mind Reading & Mentalism Tricks

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The basis of mind reading and mentalism gives the impression the mind reader or mentalist has special powers of some sort. Whether it be psychic abilities, amazing psychological influence or any host of weird and wonderful things.

With the psychological persona, many tricks include the illusion that the mentalist is influencing the volunteer’s choice. Note I said Illusion. But I’ve always tried to push the boundaries of what’s actually possible and there’s one method I’ve come across that is probably as close the boundary as one can get.

I found that you can use subliminal suggestion to influence a spectators decision when you give them a range of options.

Confused? Don’t worry, The easiest way to explain it would be to get someone to pick a number between one and five that you want them to choose. What you do is when you call out their number options you say, choose a number “one, two, three, four or five”

Using a special little tirck, you can then get them more often than not to actually pick the number you want.. but how?

It’s quite simple, you actually ever so slightly nod your head on the number you want them to choose. If you are to try this it will take you quite some practice to do it without being obvious. It’s a very slight nod that the spectator should only subconsciously pick up on your suggestion.

To give you an example if you want to influence the volunteer to choose the number 4 you say to the volunteer “Choose a number between one, two, three, four (nod your head as you say it) or five, choose the one that felt right and don’t change your mind”.

I’ve tested out 2 different ways, one is repeating the process again, with the same nod but also just doing it the once and pushing for them to answer. I found that doing it once and forcing them to choose a number quickly worked a little better, I think this is because the subconscious mind is more likely to kick in when you don’t give them too much time to think and the chance to change their mind.

This like all real suggestion and influence doesn’t always work and it’s wise to have an ‘out’. If you don’t know what an out is then I suggest reading a little deeper into mind reading and mentalism techniques. Either way, try this out when you can do it and it won’t matter if you get it wrong, do it as a preliminary effect before you go on to do a proper mentalism trick which is certain to work.

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