How to Make My Boyfriend More Committed? 7 Effective Tips Which Will Make This Possible for You

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You are now tired with the way things are going on and are frustrated that your boyfriend is not committed to the extent you want. If you want to do something about it read on, and do the following in a calculated and calibrated manner.

Appear more desirable
Over a period of time you have gone lax and taken things for granted. You have to continuously charm your boyfriend with your good looks. If you stay in shape and take care of the way you dress then he will never lose interest in you. The more you titillate him the more he is inclined to stay committed.

Trust him and get him to trust you
Not only do you have to trust him but you should also be totally trustworthy. When a man knows that his woman will never waver in a relationship he is willing to commit more.

Take ownership of your part
To keep the relationship strong you have to take ownership of your part. He has to realize that you take the relationship seriously and are ready to work hard to make it a success. When he knows your commitment level is high he will be more committed.

Give him a hint
If, in spite of doing all this he does not take commitment seriously then it is time that you have a heart to heart talk with him. Tell him things can’t go on like this forever. He has to make an equal effort. If he is unwilling to do so then tell him you will call it quits.

Give him a jolt
It is time you shook him out of his slumber. Just take two weeks off and go someplace without informing him. No emails, no texts, and phone calls. He should realize how important you are to him. When he realizes that his life is incomplete without you he will be forced to commit.

Assure him of his independence
If losing his independence is at the back of him mind then assure him that you are different by giving him a very long leash. Don’t tag along with him everywhere he goes. Let him spend time as he wishes so long as he is not unfaithful to you.

Win him with your love
Let him know that you love him and are willing to do your bit of sacrificing for him. However, he should know that this love has a timeline and he should commit more to enjoy the fruits of your unconditional love.

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